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Tenant Relocation Assistance/ displaced tenants in Menlo Park

From: domainremoved <Sandra>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2019 09:58:31 -0800

Dear Mayor and City Council members,

It is unbelievable that nothing has done to support and implement the
Tenant Relocation Assistance in Menlo Park. We (tenants) fought hard to
bring some kind of attention to the problem. But the Mayor and City council
members continue to support greedy and bad landlords.

I was told by then Vise-Mayor Ray Mueller and New City Council memebers
that the proposal was going to be brought to the meetings in January. Now
is February 1st and I am now aware that nothing will happen because first
we (tenants) need to proof that yes, in fact we are getting displaced by
Menlo Park landlords. When this has been shared in City meetings and there
are plenty of records and evidence. I STRONGLY believe that these
displacements are happening with the support of City Council members and
Mayor because the decision of putting this aside. Obviously, this is not
important, I guess now I also believe that Menlo Park sides with bad
landlords and supports HOMELESSNESS.

I, and many of other tentans in Belle Haven Community are leaving our homes
 this month. This is because the rents are extremely high and there are NO
PROTECTIONS for the hard working human. WE HAVE BEEN DISPLACED!!! And you
have not idea of what this causes to people. It places people/me in the
brink of being homeless.

Even working two or three jobs is not enough to pay these rents.....and
since the Tenant Relocation Assistance is something members and mayor do
not care about, then we have no other option than to leave our communities
caused by massive displacements.

I tried my best to contribute to the cause of passing this initiative,
along with the support of the community but we have a big burden to proof.
The money greedy investors are investing is better for the City than
maintaining a diverse and good citizens in their homes.

I hope that there is some sort of empathy from City Council Members and
Mayor to take this seriously and do something for the tenants that spend
80% of their checks to keep a roof unders our heads.

Please do not let Greedy Landlordds/ Investors take over the community that
once was Menlo Park. People should be above MONEY.

And I urge you to consider this issue important. Tenant Relocation
Assistance is not all you can do. You must build more affordable housing
and atract landlords and developers that are not just thinking about
filling their pockets at the expense of hard working people like me and my
neighbors. But new developers that have values and put people first and
then a profit.


Sandra Zamora
505 Pierce Road 5
Menlo Park CA 94025

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Received on Fri Feb 01 2019 - 12:42:49 PST

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