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Please Prioritize Climate Change goals in 2019

From: domainremoved <Heather>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2019 09:39:39 -0800

Dear Mayor Mueller and City Council Members,

As you are defining the priorities for the Council and City for 2019,
please keep climate change as your top priority. The climate crisis is
here, and everything in our ecosystem, from flora and fauna, to our eating
and waste habits/infrastructure, to fair and equal access to clean water
and clean energy, are inextricably linked. You as a city council are in a
powerful position to make great change!

Menlo Park has a strong 2020 Climate Target already, and it's wonderful
that we’re on target to achieve that - all the more reason to be more
ambitious! For example, this year, please include goals like:

   - Adopt a policy requiring *all new buildings to be Zero Carbon and
   Fossil Free*. This mirrors the recommendations from the Environmental
   Quality Commission (EQC), including adoption of *CalGreen reach codes* in
   the 2019 building code update; and *expansion of Bayfront green building
   standards to other zones*(such as the El Camino Real/Downtown Specific
   - Adopt a *new Climate Action Plan*, as recommended by EQC, with an
   ambitious, near-term climate goal.
   - Expand access to *EV charging*, including implementing solutions for
   - Develop and execute a *local Green New Deal*, addressing climate, jobs
   and justice

Thank you for your leadership on clean energy and climate measures so far.
Please make climate progress one of the top priorities for the coming year.


   - Heather Mirletz
- *240-938-9351 (cell)*
   - www.linkedin.com/in/heathermirletz/
   - * Lady in the Dragon Boots*
   - *"A riot of color in a dreary grey world" -A Knight's Tale*
Received on Fri Feb 01 2019 - 09:36:16 PST

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