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Top Priority for 2019

From: domainremoved <William>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 11:08:08 -0800

I would like the Council to commit to a budgetary program which would
reduce the unfunded, employee-related liabilities (pension and other) to
ZERO by a certain point in time....say, 5 or certainly no longer than 10
years. In "my world", it would be the first line item in each year's

We residents of Menlo Park have been enjoying the many services the City
has provided, but not paying the full cost of these services....some future
residents will have to make up the shortfall. I have lived in Menlo Park
for more than 42 years and would like to start NOW to help repay for my
share some of some of these unfunded costs.

Maybe another way to handle these liabilities, would be to bill each
resident when they leave the city, for their share of costs for the time
they have lived here!!🤔

Thanks for "listening".

William Brown
1220 Cotton Street
Received on Thu Jan 31 2019 - 11:04:50 PST

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