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City priorities

From: domainremoved <Allan>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2019 21:09:55 -0800

Traffic is a major concern. The city needs to identify all areas of congestion and peak times and perform a study to reduce it. Menlo Atherton and Laurel schools are two main problems. Traffic is bad getting into and out of the schools and most of the time cars can’t turn off of Ringwood onto Middlefield because of gridlock the timing of the lights need to be adjusted. Also, the amount of cars using Bay Road to get to Willow is horrendous. I’ve counted 170 cars in a line at 5:00 to get onto Willow. Since there are cell phone towers they could be used to identify drivers at all locations at any time. It should be easy to use an algorithm to change the timing. Also, the merge from Ravenswood onto Middlefield is a major problem. People stop instead of yielding.

Ban the use of gas powered leaf blowers. It’s getting to the point that that’s all we hear all day long, the cycling on and off of them.

The city needs to renovate the downtown area. It looks dirty and outdated. We also don’t need racks and racks of newspaper vending machines.

The city really needs to revisit their position on heritage trees. I love trees but homeowners should be able to do what they want in their own yard. My neighbors tree covers a third of my backyard and is ruining my grass but apparently there’s nothing that can be done about it. It also presses down on utility lines. Why should I let my neighbors tree affect my property value?

The city needs to takedown the trees in the median at the train tracks on Ravenswood. The roots continue to buckle the road and the city continues to patch it.

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