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Comments re Staff Report 19-018-CC

From: Soody Tronson (STLGip) <"Soody>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2019 17:09:50 -0800

Dear Council Members

I am writing to you as a resident. I just read the above staff report and have the following concerns:

I'm attaching the staff report, as annotated with some very broad comments:

- The Report at the onset states that it is not asking for any action from the City Council yet, at every step and heading it is requesting action.
- There are many projects that are recommended for adoption without any cost/timeline information.
- The main library, keeps re-surfacing into various requested actions, although it has been (as far as I know) taken off the table until further notice/action. Yet, these recommendations (see page 13) require "Develop and implement a comprehensive plan to design, finance, construct and operate a new public library facility to replace the old Main Library on the Burgess civic center campus."

I cannot understand how anything can be approved or recommended absent clear understanding of costs and resources - which are missing - from the report.

And lastly, having these reports issued so close to meetings, make it almost impossible to evaluate them completely and provide meaningful comments.

Warmest Regards.


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