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From Parkland, Fl to Menlo Park, CA

From: domainremoved <Kate>
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2019 11:39:51 -0800

Dear City Council,

Art Ventures Gallery organized the March for our Lives last year which Ray Mueller attended. I would like to see another walk this year, and I would like to organize it together with you.

Last night I spoke to David Hogg from the Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, at an even,t “Speak Up," with the Belmont mayor. David told me that they encounter protestors when they speak at schools throughout the country. They try to talk to them and understand that they don´t like to hear the world gun control since they don´t want to be controlled.

Today, I will ask all my artists to come up with a piece of art to find a better way to communicate what this is about. I will exhibit those works in the gallery February 14, and I would like to invite you to come.

From Parkland, Fl to Menlo Park , CA we have to support this mission for the sake or our children. We have many schools in Menlo Park, and I believe, we should have them walk out on the day of the shooting and we join them to walk.

Please tell me if we can do this together, and stand up with the kids.

Art is the highest form of hope,


Dr. Katharina Powers
Art Ventures Gallery
888 Santa Cruz Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025
www.artventuresgallery.c <http://www.artventuresgallery.coom/>om
Received on Sun Jan 27 2019 - 11:36:21 PST

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