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Help stop stunts along Middle Avenue

From: domainremoved <Catherine>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 21:06:46 -0800

Dear Chief Bertini,

I read Ray Mueller's lovely interview in InMenlo, highlighting your
qualities as a committed community man, so I thought you might care about
this incident. A few days ago, I witnessed a horrifying situation which I
described on Nextdoor in hopes it would elicit camera footage to apprehend
the offender. I limited the outreach because I avoid spamming people, but
limiting it may have had the unintended consequence of eliminating

I posted this on Nextdoor, in the Crime and Safety area, as I was told that
the police department is reading the posts. I invite you to read them:

There is corroborating eye-witness testimony of what I described but no
photos or video footage. However, many people have similar stories, along
that same corridor, and there seems to be people that neighbors have
reported. People have private-messaged photos of offending cars; they
may/may not be the right one in this case. Several people have reported
high-school aged drivers driving to school down Middle (the time was 8:20
am on a Tuesday, coincidentally) Would you consider having an officer
posted between Cotton and San Mateo Drive _at_(domainremoved)
day, for a relevant half-hour, to witness those incredibly dangerous
stunts? Obviously if the offender is a student, the bell schedule is
relevant, as is the day.

I am not advocating driving at 15mph, installing all kinds of expensive
traffic impediments: Would a double yellow line down the main arteries
suffice (in most cases?)

If the offender doesn't kill or maim anyone on Middle, he/she will move on
to drive recklessly on other streets. Lives are at stake.

Thank you!

Catherine McMillan
680 San Mateo Drive
Received on Fri Jan 18 2019 - 21:03:39 PST

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