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From: domainremoved <Janet>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2019 21:38:12 +0000 (UTC)


This morning around 10 a.m. a double tractor trailer dumptruck coming from Santa Cruz Ave. barreled through the traffic light by theBuck Estate back gate headed presumably to I-280 via Alpine.  It was in the outside (merge) lane and failedto give right of way to the vehicle in the inside lane which was very nearly crushed.  Then it blasted the vehicle with its horn.  This is the umpteenth time I have observednear misses here.  It would seem to beonly a matter of time before there are fatalities. 


There are two main infrastructure problems:

(1) the merge lane is too short, ridiculously inadequate andit is also dangerous for cyclists because of constant impingement by  motorists forced to use the bike lane to avoidcollisions during merging maneuvers like the one described above.  It is inappropriate for big trucks.

(2) the middle lane on Santa Cruz. should ONLY allow leftturns onto JSB.  The current situation isparticularly dangerous for cyclists who want to turn left onto JSB and thevehicle behind them speeds straight towards PV. I see potential major accidents almost every week at this point.


There is a politicalproblem:

These huge trucks have no business on Alpine Road.  Many of them come and go to Stanford: eithervia Campus Drive West or lower Sand Hill Road. The city and the county, need toaddress this both by dealing with Stanford who is responsible for this problem,and by coming up with a traffic engineering solution. 

In addition there are large trucks with flammableliquids/gases that have no business on this winding road where there are abruptstops and a fairly densely populated urban/wildlife interface.


Another MaintenanceProblem in MP Jurisdiction:

There is a large hole in the road just past the Buck Estategate that causes some drivers to swerve. This needs to be fixed asap.


The city needs to addressthe problems on the “trail” that connects Alpine to Sand Hill.

Because of the poorly engineered intersection, high speedcyclists have taken over the trail, making it highly dangerous for pedestriansand family cyclists.  There are alsoserious infrastructure problems there because of the poor design and lack ofsensible drainage that is causing constant erosion.


Impossible Traffic:

 At 10 a.m. todaytraffic was at a virtual standstill in front of my gate (by Stowe lane), backedup all the way from  JSB and as far as Icould see towards Portola Valley.  Almostall of it was in the right hand lane. Other traffic bound for downtown MP was zipping past the stationary carsby going over the double yellow line into the PV bound traffic.  All the traffic in the backed up laneeventually turned onto the lower Sand Hill Road bound for the hospital and orshopping center. I managed to get a photo of some of the back up.



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