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Please confirm appeal waiver for the 7 redwoods at 1000 El Camino

From: domainremoved <Jennifer>
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2019 17:57:45 -0800

Dear City Council members,

It was great to see several of you at today's information session regarding
the 7 redwoods at 1000 El Camino. Particular thanks to Cecilia, who
attended the entire information session which included just shy of 30
concerned Menlo Park residents.

Can you please confirm that you are waiving the appeal process for us and
taking up the agenda item of sending the issue directly to the
Environmental Quality Committee in next week's city council meeting? Please
do confirm so that we can organize to attend the meeting and speak out

In summary, the key questions that the residents posed were (I'm

1) Why does the preservation of our heritage trees on city-owned land not
take precedence over the maintenance of underground parking spaces?

2) What alternatives to cutting down these majestic, California native
trees has the city staff explored, e.g. structure reduction instead of tree

3) Why were those alternatives deemed less costly to the community than the
public value destruction of cutting down these beautiful redwoods that
thousands of Menlo Park residents admire in passing daily?

There were lots of other specific questions that the public works manager

Please do reply with confirmation of the appeal process waiver so that we
can organize appropriately.

Thank you,

Jen Mazzon
MP Willows resident
Received on Tue Jan 08 2019 - 17:55:01 PST

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