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Alternative A

From: domainremoved <Samantha>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2019 13:12:47 -0800

Dear Members of Menlo Park City Council and Transportation Department,

I am writing to urge you to *Vote No* on *Alternative A* for grade
separation. As a Linfield Oaks resident and member of the greater Menlo
Park community, I have several concerns regarding this measure.

*1. **Increase Traffic, Decrease Safety: *By eliminating vehicle
access to Alma St. from Ravenswood Ave., this measure would effectively
force all neighborhood traffic through one single street, Laurel St.,
thereby increasing traffic problems and decreasing safety and overall
quality of residential life.

*2. **Trial Failure: *Every policy maker dreams of having a
well-implemented trial period to directly test the effects of a proposed
policy. In this case, we have exactly that. In 2015, Alma St
<https://maps.google.com/?q=2015,+Alma+St&entry=gmail&source=g>. was closed
to vehicular traffic and the community directly experienced the
*negative* effects
of such a policy change. The traffic on Laurel St. significantly increased
and cars were dangerously and frustratingly backed up on Ravenswood. The
trial was if anything a less extreme representation of what would occur
now, given the increase in Menlo Park traffic since 2015 and also the trial
occurred during the summer when traffic was at its lowest point.

*3. **Alma’s Safe Environment: *Alma St. is wide with both bike lanes
and sidewalks, making it a perfectly safe environment for cars, bikes and
pedestrians to coexist. Cutting off car access to such a safe street would
be counterproductive.

*4. **Driver Confusion: *As was the case with the trial period,
drivers often got confused or forgot the new policy change which resulted
in disruptive U-turns, unexpected braking, and overall driver and
pedestrian safety compromised. Closing such a critical street in the
community that people have relied on for vehicle traffic for years brings
many unintended consequences, working against the proposal entirely.

*5. **No Representation:* There is currently no representative on City
Council dedicated to District 3, which includes Linfield Oaks. Given the
impact this change will have on Linfield Oaks residents, it is extremely
unfair to make such a policy decision without proper representation. If
there was a dedicated representative, I am confident he/she would strongly
*oppose* Alternative A.

*6. **Better Options: *There are better options for grade separation
available that will keep Laurel St. safer. These include Alternative C, or
a traffic signal with train preemption at Alma/Ravenswood.

Please consider these well-reasoned opinions in making your decision. We
can all work together to find the best possible solution while still
maintaining the safety and quality of life of Menlo Park residents.


Samantha Henze
Received on Thu Jan 03 2019 - 13:09:51 PST

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