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No on Alternative A

From: domainremoved <Bill>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2019 03:22:09 +0000

Hello All and Happy New Year,

I am writing to express my strong opposition to eliminating vehicle access to Alma St. from Ravenswood Ave. I have lived in Menlo Park and Atherton since 1972 with a brief hiatus for college and law school. I currently work in downtown Menlo Park and have for the past nine years. I believe keeping access to Alma from Ravenswood (which has already been limited) is critical to safety, traffic congestion and quality of life for those in Linfield Oaks.

Of all the street in or near downtown Menlo Park, Alma is the widest and has both bike lanes and sidewalks. It is the safest option for cars, bikes, and pedestrians to coexist. Eliminating access would push the traffic onto Laurel Street, which has no bike lanes but is a major route for bicyclists, particularly children riding to and from school. As you known, the narrow sidewalks are immediately adjacent to the street and there is traffic in and out of the Burgess facilities already. Intentionally increasing car traffic on this street does not appear to be the best option.

I can still remember what happened with the trial closure of Alma in 2015. Laurel Street became a heavily travelled, more dangerous street. And if I recall correctly, the closure was in the summer when traffic is noticeably lighter - at least in morning and afternoon. Please recall this example in making your decision.
Thank you.
Bill Frimel (Junior)

Bill Frimel
Seubert French Frimel & Warner
direct (650) 322-3048
cell (650) 996-0414
Received on Wed Jan 02 2019 - 19:19:11 PST

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