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Ravenswood Ave./Caltrain Grade Separation Plans and Linfeld Oaks

From: domainremoved <Lynne>
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2019 17:42:46 -0800

No on Alternative A

I understand that the City Council favors "Alternative A" for the
Ravenswood Ave./Caltrain Grade Separation and I would like you to know that
as a long time resident (40 yrs) of Linfield Oaks, I am NOT in favor of
"Alternative A".

"Alternative A" will eliminate vehicle access to Alma St from Ravenswood
and force all traffic down Laurel Street through the Linfield Oaks
neighborhood. Laurel is a neighborhood street that has already absorbed a
huge increase in speed through traffic due to earlier changes made at the
corner of Alma and Ravenswood. Although Laurel has no bike lanes, it is a
major route for kids to and from school as well as many other bicyclists
and it is also a main thoroughfare for parents and nannies with strollers
and small children on bikes heading over to Burgess Park. The sidewalks are
narrow and pedestrians, children on bikes and runners often spill out into
the street. It just does not make sense from a safety or quality of life
standpoint to *intentionally* increase automobile traffic on Laurel.

Alternative "C" or a traffic signal with train preemption at Alma /
Ravenswood would maintain automobile access to Ravenswood and preserve a
safer environment for everyone; bicyclists, pedestrians and automobiles

Currently there is no one on the City Council representing District 3 which
includes Linfield Oaks and it is unclear whether there is anyone on the
transportation commission or on the city staff who lives in this district.
It seems unreasonable for the City Council to make a decision that would
have such a negative impact on Linfield Oak's neighborhood safety and
quality of life without a dedicated representative.

Lynne Reynolds
351 Sherwood Way
Menlo Park
(40 years)
Received on Wed Jan 02 2019 - 17:39:55 PST

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