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"No on Alternative A" for grade separation

From: domainremoved <Steve>
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2019 06:40:00 +0000 (UTC)

Date:     January 1, 2019


To:          Menlo Park City Council

From:    Steven Geiser (concerned Menlo Park resident)


RE:          No on Alernative A for grade separation


I am a 17+ year resident of Menlo Park, and reside in the Linfield Oaks neighborhood.  I am writing the members of our City Council to strongly urge you to re-consider the proposed adoption of Alternative A for grade separation.


My understanding is that Alternative A would eliminate vehicle access to Alma Street from Ravenswood Avenue.  This alternative was put into effect during a trial closure in 2015, with devastating impact to both traffic flow and safety.  It made the traffic congestion on Eastbound Ravenswood (between El Camino and Laurel Street) much worse without the relief of some of the traffic onto Alma.  Further, the trial closure made the traffic congestion on Laurel Street much worse. 


Laurel Street is a major route used by bicycles going to and from schools, and is the primary access to many of the community resources used by families in our community (park, pool, gymnastics, police station, city administration offices, etc.).  Alma Street, on the other hand, is a wide street with bike lanes, creating a safe environment for cars, bikes and pedestrians to co-exist.  It does not make sense to cut off access to Alma and route that traffic onto Laurel Street.  It will slow traffic, increase commute times, and result in decreased safety for our residents trying to utilize city resources.


I have read through the 126 page Staff Report (#18-224-CC) prepared for the City Council meeting on 12/4/18.  The Alternative Matrix included as Figure 14 on page 30 of that report shows that Alternative C is far superior to Alternative A, albeit at a higher cost and with more disruptive impact during construction.


With the existing traffic congestion and all of the new development underway, it seems exceedingly short-sighted to move forward with the adoption of the inferior, cheaper option (Alternative A), when a superior option with greater long-term benefit to the community has been provided.  I urge all of you to reconsider, step up and make the right long-term decision to support Alternative C.


I am happy to discuss my thought further with any of you, if that might be helpful.


Best regards.
Received on Tue Jan 01 2019 - 22:37:01 PST

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