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Opposition to Measure A

From: domainremoved <Lauren>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2018 16:35:35 -0800

Dear City Council Members:

We are writing to oppose the Measure A proposal for the Caltrain
crossing--which would close Alma Street to traffic and potentially reroute
it to Laurel Street.

*Here's why:*
Ours is a lively pedestrian neighborhood.
Each morning from my home office window I see school kids, parents, nannies
and toddlers and seniors walking the streets and sidewalks.
Many use this route to get to the library, the pool and the Community
The school bus stops one house down at three p.m.
There are many bikers.
Neighbors stop and talk to each other and car doors are always opening to
let off kids catching the bus to school.

Measure A to close Alma Street to traffic would instead clog Laurel
Street with traffic, make things unsafe for small school kids and toddlers
and seniors, and wreck the character of the neighborhood overall.

We have looked at the plans and think that A better “build” option for
grade separation is Alternative C.
A better “non-build” option is a traffic signal at Alma / Ravenswood.
Both of these options would maintain car access to Alma St. from Ravenswood.

Also we don't have a City Council dedicated to District 3, which includes
Linfield Oaks.
Should City Council really make a decision about our neighborhood quality
of life without representation on the Council.
I hope this letter will let you know how at least two long time residents

Lauren and George John
331 Laurel Street
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Sun Dec 30 2018 - 16:32:43 PST

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