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Caltrain Grade Separation

From: domainremoved <Steve>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 17:47:58 -0800

I am writing to voice my strong support for grade separations for all roads
that cross the tracks within the city, Ravenswood, Oak Grove, and Glennwood.

A single intersection option may be penny-wise, but pound foolish. The City
is in a terrible position with east-west, cross metro traffic and needs
*all* of its rail intersections to be safe and accessible. Anything less
than that simply pushes east-west traffic to those intersections where
drivers and bikers know they will not be held up by passing trains. As the
frequency of trains traveling this corridor increases with ridership and
potentially high-speed rail and additional freight, the need for separated
crossings increases.

A problem - unaddressed during the glut of expansion of office space and
other commercial development in Menlo Park - is that the infrastructure to
support this growth is not keeping pace. Roads are but one part such
infrastructure, along with fire, police, potable water, waste disposal,
power, telco, and sea rise mitigation. These investments should have been
underway concomitantly with the property development projects and subject
to developer fees for public benefits. However, in the absence of this, the
city must realize the full cost of development and be willing to fund its

The Council has historically looked at all development as a means of
revenue, jobs, and prestige. While it may be those things it also comes at
a high monetary cost to support new buildings on top of less tangible costs
such as livability, air quality, stress, and the economic displacement of
lower-income citizens.

I am not anti-growth. I am pro smart-growth. The City needs to be smarter.



*Steve Taffee*
m:415-613-6684 | e:steve.taffee_at_(domainremoved)
a:600 Willow Rd Unit 10 Menlo Park, CA 94025-2676
Received on Tue Dec 18 2018 - 17:45:46 PST

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