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5G cell towers

From: domainremoved <car>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2018 12:14:40 -0800

Hello, in the following article
I learned about 5 G towers being installed in the near by town of Palo
Alto. I am very much concerned about this and wanted to know what is Menlo
Park's decision on allowing the installation of the 5G towers in our
neighborhood. I came across a long list of articles below that drew out
even more concerns for me. I don't know what the current status of the
installation is in Menlo park and would like to know what is the status
currently? I would not want to see Menlo Park allowing this to happen. I
have two dogs that are fairly young 3 years old with cancerous tumors
already showing up? One has had surgery to remove the tumor, the other is
scheduled next week to have surgery. My dogs are too young to have cancer
according to the holistic vet I met with. There has to be something in our
environment around Menlo Park that is causing this. Given the new
construction in the area, what are the radiation levels currently? I can't
look that up online and I would like to know how much radiation is in our






Carolina Avalos
1441 Almanor ave Menlo Park
Received on Mon Dec 17 2018 - 12:12:35 PST

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