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Fwd: [cma_neighborhood] City Council votes on Monday evening - It is THE ONE MEETING for all of us to go to

From: domainremoved <Hinda>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2018 16:54:35 -0800

I am sending this announcement to the Menlo Park City Council because I
believe the information discussed at this meeting tomorrow night, !2/17/18,
will be useful to Menlo Park's decision matrix about the railroad crossings
in our city.

Subject: Re: Palo Alto City Council votes on Monday evening on which grade
separation alternatives for Caltrain will be further studied for the
Charleston and West Meadow grade crossings. It is THE ONE MEETING for all
parties interested in the future of the peninsula and Caltrain's impact in
this area. This email comes from the CMA neighborhood group of South Palo
Alto. Both the East Meadow and Charleston crossings impact the
neighborhood, much the way Encinal, Oak Grove, and Ravenswood impact Menlo

"Hello All,

If there was one meeting you had to come to this year to make your opinion
have the most impact, the City Council meeting at 8:15 PM on Monday
(December 17th) is that meeting.

Charleston and Meadow intersections are on the agenda in a big way. City
WITH OTHERS for these two intersections.

According to AECOM consultants, the cost of the "Train on Wall" (City calls
this Hybrid) is around $250M, "Train on an even higher structure" (viaduct)
is at $450M, Below ground trench at $800M.

Separate from the official estimates above, Nadia Naik has researched and
put forward another option for the Council to study, which is a tunnel only
for Charleston and Meadow with Caltrain in the tunnel and freight on top
("freightless tunnel"), and she estimates the cost at $550M (her
comparables from downtown SF tunnel).

So we need to go to this Council Meeting and

a. Request City Council to study Nadia's proposal for freightless tunnel
for S PA. If we can pull it off, this looks like the best option.

b. Have City Council vote to eliminate both the Hybrid and Viaduct options.

c. Continue studying the below ground trench option despite the AECOM cost
estimate ($800M). BTW the prior consultant (Hatch Mott MacDonald) estimated
trench at $480M.

Full staff report here (

- Animation for the 3 options on pg 28

At 8:15PM at Palo Alto City Hall on Monday (12/17). Tomorrow. I believe
this is the last time the tunnel and trench options will be brought up for
consideration. What a difference it would make to your neighborhoods.

Thank you for considering all options for Menlo Park.

Hinda Sack,
Menlo Oaks.
Received on Sun Dec 16 2018 - 16:51:59 PST

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