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water mane burst next to La Entrada Middle School

From: domainremoved <Laurie>
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2018 10:08:48 -0800

Hi -
I am a parent of 2 kids who attend La Entrada Middle School. As you are
probably aware, a water main burst in October - causing school to be
canceled for 2 days. Then last week - another water main burst causing
school to be evacuated in the middle of the day. These water main breaks
have cause damage to the school, relocation of classrooms, lost instruction
time.and major headaches for parents to figure out how to pick up their
kids from school and supervision for canceled days.

In addition to the damage to buildings, teachers have lost valuable items
- some sentimental. I know my son's Latin teacher, Eleanor Stuart, has
been affected. Her classroom was the first one to flood (shin deep water)
last Thursday. She lost items that were both monetarily valuable and
sentimental (gifts from her father). She was trying to keep her students
safe and try to rescue her items at the same time.

The city should establish a fund for teachers to claim reimbursement for
their lost and damaged items.

In addition, the city council should come to La Entrada to brief the
community and why these water manes have burst, what the city is doing to
ensure this does not continue to happen, and address community concerns
going forward. This meeting should be scheduled for before the winter

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Laurie Sobel
La Entrada Middle School Parent
Received on Tue Dec 04 2018 - 10:06:51 PST

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