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A Healthy City for ALL - An Urgent challenge! Register now, save $100

From: domainremoved <Suzanne>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2018 18:50:15 +0000

Dear Mayor and Council,

We rejoice that many cities are becoming more healthy, with great improvements in walkability, bikeability, public transit, and access to community, nature and healthy food. We will hear from the best models around the world at the 56th International Making Cities Livable Conference on A Healthy City for ALL in Portland, OR, June 17-21, 2019

The URGENT CHALLENGE is that these goals are not reaching those most in need. Poor neighborhoods suffer the greatest health problems. We will hear from cities tackling these problems with outstanding programs for equitable, healthy neighborhoods.

Special Awardees:
• Mayor Rui Moreira, Porto, Portugal will receive the 2019 IMCL Joseph P. Riley Award and will tell us about his work in Making Porto a Healthy City for All, a magnificent program that includes social housing in the restored historic city; transformation of an abandoned valley into a neighborhood park; renovation of a historic market and slaughterhouse as integrative cultural, healthy food, small business, and social community spaces; and revitalization of poor neighborhoods.
• Mayor Ada Colau, Barcelona, Spain will receive the 2019 City of Vision Award for the City’s work in Making Barcelona’s Neighborhoods Healthy and Equitable. During Mayor Colau’s leadership Barcelona has reclaimed neighborhood streets as everyone’s living room; introduced a city program to fight climate change; fought to solve the speculation-driven housing affordability crisis by protecting homeowners from unfair evictions; cracking down on Airbnb for illegal tourist accommodations that drove out poor residents; and limiting the increasing speculation and touristification of the city.

Keynote speakers:
See: http://www.livablecities.org/conferences/56th-conference-portland/invited-speakers for partial list of outstanding keynote speakers

Register now:
Click here to register now and save $100! http://www.livablecities.org/conferences/56th-conference-portland/registration

Join us in Portland to share solutions for making our cities healthy and equitable!

For questions, please contact us: http://www.livablecities.org/contact-us

With best regards,

Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard Ph.D.(Arch.)
Director, IMCL Conference
Received on Thu Nov 29 2018 - 18:55:32 PST

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