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Oak Grove Bike Safe Route Project

From: domainremoved <Lyndon>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 19:36:17 -0800

Dear MP Council,

I write to encourage your vote to make this safe route experiment permanent.

I use this route daily as part of my bike+caltrain commute. I admire all
the middle school children crossing El Camino Real, headed west every
morning toward Hillview Middle School, and pray for their safe voyage. We
need to encourage more active commutes for people of all ages, and clearly
marking dedicated bike routes is a small but critical step.

My two children, a kindergartener and a 3rd grader, bike with me nearly
every weekend, to attend AYSO soccer games at local school fields, or to go
on short adventures across the Stanford University campus.

To do the above, I must improvise east-west and north-south traverses
across some busy parts of town, often sending my children up onto sidewalks
to navigate around parked cars, or to stay further away from fast traffic.

I hope before my kids are fully grown, that they and their friends will be
able to bike to school, sports and social occasions throughout the area
safely, independently and confidently.

That's a worthy future for Menlo Park. Your vote to make the Oak Grove
safe route experiment permanent is a key step to get all of us there.

Lyndon Wong
Menlo Park CA
Received on Mon Nov 12 2018 - 19:34:18 PST

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