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Oak Grove Bikes Lanes

From: domainremoved <John>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 16:02:05 +0000 (UTC)

City Council:
I support the Oak Grove and its "tributaries" bike lanes as I use parts of thisroute frequently.  I have some specific comments which I think will improve theroute and its use:
1)  In many places where sharrows are employed (Live Oak and Crane), directional sharrowsshould be used to augment the signs. (https://nacto.org/publication/urban-bikeway-design-guide/bikeway-signing-marking/shared-lane-markings/ -- scroll down to Design Guidance).  This marking, which is used in Atherton,is an excellent method to provide way-finding guidance to cyclists who don't have the route memorized. Althoughsigns are OK, they are not placed where they can be seen in a timely manner (and distracts the cyclist by havingto search for the sign rather than looking down the road for potential hazards)
2) Currently, the pilot bike route favors using Crane between Santa Cruz and Valparaiso.  I favor Universityover Crane as there is a traffic light at University and Valparaiso which helps immensely in making the left turn ontothe bike lane on Valparaiso.  Given the slow moving traffic on Santa Cruz in downtown, the short distance on Santa Cruzis reasonably safe when considered against the problem of turning left from Crane onto Valparaiso at an unprotected intersection.
3)  I'm not a fan of time-restricted parking.  I find that motorists tend to ignore these restrictions therebymaking the bike lane useless for 100s of feet on both sides of the illegally parked car. 
4) I like the "door-zone" markings on Live Oak
5) Modify the speed hump on Crane near the intersection with Menlo Ave. At least put a cut-through for bikes.
Thank you,
John Langbein
Received on Mon Nov 12 2018 - 08:00:47 PST

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