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Red Cottage Inn proposal

From: domainremoved <melissa>
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2018 23:56:30 +0000 (UTC)

Dear Menlo Park City Council and Planning Commission,

I am writing in reference to the proposed Hampton InnProject at 1704 El Camino Real (current sight of Red Cottage Inn).  I have been a homeowner in the Park Forestcommunity for over ten years. I am a physician at Stanford Hospital and a veryinvolved parent in the MPCSD.  I am veryconcerned about the current proposal.

The astronomical growth in Silicon Valley has left manycommunities playing catch up for basic needs; from over-enrolled schools, to dealingwith traffic congestion, to housing challenges. Menlo Park has not been spared these headaches

I chose to buy in Menlo Park because this was a city that Ihad been excited to raise my child in. Excited for the excellent schools, libraries and parks.  We could walk to local restaurants, shop atneighborhood stores and enjoy walking our dog around town.  I have been especially grateful for our ParkForest neighborhood; a Menlo Park community of just under 100 homes. We knowour neighbors. We have community parties. Many families have children who walk/bike to school together to EncinalElementary or Hillview Middle School.

The current proposal for The Hamptons Inn build, taking thecurrent 28 guest room two story hotel to a 60 guest room three story hotel willhave a significant negative impact on the Park Forest Community, the adjoining MenloPark and Atherton neighborhoods and anyone who transverses the El Camino Realcorridor between Watkins and Encinal Ave.

I am writing to say I am adamantly opposed to the HamptonInn project in its current rendering. 

Development and changes are inevitable.  I am not asking to deny the project in totalbut I am asking the planning commission to please consider the impact this currentproposal will have on the residents in the immediate area and Menlo Park as awhole.


Regarding the structure itself, the current proposal is forabove ground parking, with two floors of guest rooms above for a total of threestories.  In order to understand thescale of this project, I walked over to the current townhome construction onEncinal Ave at the old Roger Reynolds nursery site.  That project involves three story townhomes.  Three stories high makes for a significantstructure.  This height casts a very longshadow on its surroundings.  If thecurrent Hampton Inn proposal is approved, the three-story structure willeffectively put many of our homes/gardens/outdoor space directly in its shadow.  The height of the proposed hotel also allowsthe guest rooms in the back of the hotel to see directly in to our homes,eliminating privacy for many families in their own homes and, for many families,in their own backyards.  In addition tothe negative impact mentioned, there is the predictable noise that goes with a 60-roomhotel (guests, employees, cars, garbage trucks etc.).  This will further negatively impact theentire Park Forest Community.   Ourquality of life and property values will plummet.

Taking a hotel from a 28 to 60 guest room hotel, will alsoincrease car activity and make an already busy, sometimes dangerous corridor ofEl Camino Real, even more challenging to navigate.   This section already is significantlycongested and not well managed.   Thereare weekly fender-benders and injury accidents between Watkins and Encinal Ave.Despite the addition of the much appreciated signal-crosswalk in ourneighborhood, cars blow through the red-light with pedestrians in the crosswalk., on a daily basis.   Havingeven more cars pulling out on to El Camino, across a heavily used sidewalk,will undoubtedly lead to more accidents.  In the morning many children from Park Forest,Holbrook-Park area walk/bike to school along this stretch.  They will be walking/biking in front of exitfrom the hotel.  I hope the planningcommission is looking at impact of all of this on our community.


As the planning commission reviews the current proposal, Iask each of you to weigh the benefit of this project against the impact of thisproject on the surrounding community.   Iimplore you to consider ways to find a compromise.  Returning to the original proposal forHampton Inn which included a two story hotel and underground parking would be a start and would address many of theconcerns of this project. 

This may be a matter of business for the Red Cottage/HamptonInn owners but for the Park Forest and surrounding community this is ourhome.  The place we are raising children, living our lives and for many are retiring; my neighbor three doors down has been here since the homes were built.  Neighbors around the corner moved here for their retirement because of our community.   I invite youto come to our neighborhood, join us for “coffee in the cul de sac” and lookaround.

Thank you for your time
Melissa Berhow150 Buckthorn Way
Received on Sun Nov 11 2018 - 15:54:25 PST

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