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Hampton Inn Development

From: Healey, Panteha <"Healey,>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2018 20:22:36 +0000

To The City Council Persons and or Planning Commissioners,

I am a resident within the Park Forest Community and I have concerns regarding the potential Hampton Inn development at 1704 El Camino Real.

I'm not clear on why the City Planners have taken the step of granting a discretionary Public Benefit Bonus for this project, without taking into consideration the perpetual negative impacts of congestion, traffic, noise (air, light and sound) and a general lack of privacy that this new structure will represent to the Park Forest community, and I'd like to understand the reasoning here.

I feel strongly that a project of this magnitude, if approved, will permanently and negatively affect the desirability and economic viability of our neighborhood. Over 100 concerned residents will have to bear not only the long-term economic costs that are sure to affect our home values but also the more "personal" costs of this project that effect our quality of life. How is this fair? What is the tipping point to influence your decision, if 100 is not enough?

Surely there are more creative ways to get this project built the proper way (underground parking making the most sense). I urge you to reconsider the many costly, long-term impacts of this project on our neighborhood. Also, to not simply look to the "benefit" that both the developer (in cost savings) and City (via collecting more TOT) reap. The residents of Park Forest are the ones who will bear the greatest costs of your decisions.

Panteha Healey
Startup Business Development
Amazon Web Services<http://aws.amazon.com/> | San Francisco


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Received on Wed Oct 31 2018 - 13:20:49 PDT

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