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From: domainremoved <Stephanie>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2018 01:16:08 -0400

Dear Karen
On my way to the City Council meeting Monday evening my heart monitor went off; a kind passerby took me to the hospital and I spent several days without my computer or phone My. housing idea is original, but follows along the council's line of thinking, and PAHC's; it gives the developer everything he wants and costs him nothing; it aids the missing middle without taking away anything from the low low income, and it pays for itself, providing an income stream for PAHC.

It started as a "for instance". I was admonishing Greg Scharff that wealthy hotel guests are not unlimited and every patron President could attract would be at the expense of the existing hostelries of Palo Alto, particularly tactless at the same time as Proposition E, that it was biting the hand that feeds you therefore it wouldn't be a good idea to add a another five star hotel, even if the President Residents miraculously disappeared, for instance if somebody built a brand new hotel for them, which suddenly struck me as not all that far-fetched. How often do you get a cohort of a couple of dozen tenants ready and willing to pay $2,300 a month for a 275 square foot suite?

You could cut a deal with the San Antonio/Leghorn developers for a zoning change, and yes. it would be spot zoning,but isn't that what pc was? Anomalous use sweetened by a desirable public purpose? PC got its bad name only because developers were leading the council members down the garden path. The zoning change, which, unvarnished, will be hell to pay,
44 more million dollar condos, with a 8 measly low income sweeteners--, and in exchange for their adding a fourth floor,-the top floor could be stepped back a bit to vary the facade-- that entire ground floor would be a single multi-unit rental condominium, just like the rest of the building, allowing the investors to take their money and run, consisting of a couple of dozen 300 square foot bedroom/bathroom units, all giving out on the back facing a garden with a hot tub. and a lap pool and playground. to be shared with the neighborhood. The rentals would be for $1500/month, some 200 square foot units renting for $1000/month, exclusive of garage, extra storage space, that fitness center and the two University Avenue restaurants
bus or van garage and some goodies for Greenmeadow, a childcare center and maybe a little ice rink or computer center , bakery or greengrocer facing the street, and then sold the multi-unit condominium en bloc to the PAHC for a pro rata share of he cost of construction. (The land being already 100% paid for by the market-rate housing. Isn't that what PAHC wanted with Maybell? No affordable housing or in lieu fees charged to the developer.. That's a pretty good deal all around.

Stephanie Munoz
Received on Fri Oct 26 2018 - 22:14:40 PDT

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