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Evelyn Styreet Loading Zone

From: Sue O'Donnell <"Sue>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2018 01:52:49 +0000

Dear Menlo Park City Council Members,

Re: 840 Menlo Avenue Proposed Development

I have been shopping at Draeger’s Market since 1997 when my husband and I moved to Atherton. In conjunction with my trips to Draeger’s, I regularly shop at the Pet Store, Menlo Hardware, and Walgreens, donate to Goodwill, have dry cleaning and laundry done at Hoot and Toot Cleaners, and frequently patronize Café Barone, Left Bank, Carpaccio and Bistro Vida, to name a few.

If Draegers were no longer in Menlo Park, or if it were not able to maintain its inventory on a timely basis, I would change the majority of my food shopping to Whole Foods in Redwood City or to Cook’s and Sigonas at Stanford Shopping Center. And I would seek services, shopping and dining in those other areas—out of Menlo Park—because my food shopping is the anchor around which I plan my other activities.

Draeger’s has identified five alternative Evelyn Street loading zone modifications that it considers not harmful to store operations. I am hopeful than you will approve one of these, preferably redesigning the proposed garage entrance to 840 Menlo Avenue to retain the existing Evelyn Street loading zone. I don’t want to shift my shopping and dining to another city.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sue O’Donnell
Atherton, CA
Received on Tue Oct 23 2018 - 18:51:07 PDT

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