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840 Menlo Avenue

From: domainremoved <Joyce>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 11:13:28 -0700

To the Honorable City Council:

I am a psychotherapist at 830 Menlo Avenue. I am begging you not to remove any parking spots from the Draegers parking lot, from lot # 5, or from the streets— Menlo or Evelyn.

I adore Draegers— I shop there every day. I am very much in favor of preserving their ability to load their wonderful products into the store.

 But— I have the privilege of holding a parking permit in Lot #5 and on some days I cannot find a parking spot— as things are now. The lovely parking enforcement person tried to be helpful to me on two occasions— once saying I could park on the street and when I got a ticket, I could inform everyone that I had her permission to park there, and another time actually locating a car pulling out so I could park. But this difficulty parking causes me to be late for my appointments— even without removing existing parking places.

In addition, I do not think the new building is adequately parked. Yes they provide parking spaces. But there will be businesses in operation— with workers and clients coming and going— and residents in the condos— who may work from home and not leave their parking spaces during the day, who make have family members with extra cars, who may have visitors who need to park.

So I think that if existing parking spots in lots or on the streets are removed, and a also new building is built with inadequate parking it will be a vicious double-whammy to parking. The parking difficulties I am currently experiencing will be serious and difficult for everyone.

Thank you.

Joyce Schmid, PhD, MFT
830 Menlo Avenue, Suite 200
Received on Tue Oct 23 2018 - 11:11:48 PDT

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