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Draegers loading zone

From: domainremoved <Thisis>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 08:22:59 +0000

Hi. I'm Sheldon, an employee at Draegers Market. I just wanted to express my support for your efforts to find a solution for the Evelyn Street loading zone situation, a solution that works for you, for the Draegers, and for the development at 840 Menlo Ave.

I am concerned that if we are no longer able to receive deliveries after 10am, our operation will be too severely impacted to continue to be viable. Before I lived and worked in Menlo Park, my only reasons to come visit were Kepler's Books and the amazing variety and quality of the products at Draegers Market. That was why I decided to work there. Draegers is a wonderful complement to the different niche offered by Trader Joes just down the street. Many people who shop at our store feel a sense of pride shopping here. Silicon Valley's upper class, as well as the rest of us (we have something for everyone) deserve a place to buy the best quality ingredients for their lifestyle, and often to gather and chat, dine, or even take a cooking class, etc. We are more than just a grocery store. Draegers is an historic landmark, and an essential part of the beauty and reputation that belongs to Menlo Park.

I thank you in advance for making every effort to make sure we can continue to serve you and everyone else that is lucky enough to pass through our store, even if only to steal an olive and an apple slice.

Sheldon Lawrence,
produce department.
Received on Tue Oct 23 2018 - 01:21:20 PDT

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