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Draeger's Market

From: domainremoved <patty>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 08:56:53 -0700

Dear Sirs:

Having lived all over the world from Hong Kong to London and many cities in
America, I can state without hesitation that Draeger's Market is the best
grocery store I have ever patronized. The quality and variety of its
merchandise from meat to chicken to fish to produce to jams, etc... is
beyond comparison. For Menlo Park to loose this treasure would be a true

I understand that you, the council members, are planning to vote on the
modification of the loading zone on Evelyn Street at your Oct. 23rd
meeting. This is because of a proposed development next to Draeger's at
840 Menlo Avenue. Please do consider the five loading zone alternatives
that would be both compatible with the new development and with Draeger's
need to receive the deliveries to keep their business intact.

1. Redesign the proposed project garage entrance to Menlo Avenue to retain
the existing Evelyn Street loading zone.

2. Redesign the proposed project garage entrance south on Evelyn Street
closer to Menlo
     Avenue in order to preserve a reduced loading zone on Evelyn Street.

3. Create a loading zone on Evelyn Street between Menlo Avenue and the
proposed project garage entrance without any redesign.

4. Relocate the loading zone to Menlo Avenue.

5. Relocate the loading zone across the street to the other side of Evelyn

Thank-you for your consideration!

Patty Boettcher
346 Felton Drive
Menlo Park
Received on Mon Oct 22 2018 - 08:55:18 PDT

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