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Draeger's loading zone--recommendation for Option D

From: Lydia W. Lee <"Lydia>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 11:19:48 -0700

Dear Councilmembers,

On the agenda for your next meeting is a decision for where Draeger's
delivery trucks can stop to make deliveries during the day, now that the
lot at 840 Menlo Ave. is being developed. The staff report is extremely
detailed, but I wanted to highlight that the Complete Streets Commission
has spent considerable time analyzing the impasse not once, but twice.
Writing as a individual commissioner, I believe that our recommendation for
Option D, a loading zone on the south side of Evelyn, is the best
compromise among all three interests: Draeger's, the developer of 840
Menlo, and bike/pedestrian/driver safety.

Menlo Ave. is an important bike/pedestrian/car route, and much busier than
Evelyn, which is a side street. So our strong consensus was that adding a
large loading zone on Menlo Ave. near its complicated intersection with
University Ave. was the least desirable option. We also explored whether an
on-street loading zone was absolutely essential, since Draeger's currently
blocks off a number of spots in the parking plaza for loading in the
morning hours and could continue to do so throughout the day. Because
Draeger's private parking lot is not close to full during peak parking
times, it could serve as overflow parking--additional capacity to consider
in City Council's discussions about a parking garage. However, Draeger's
felt that the loss of any adjacent parking spots would materially affect
its business. Having a loading zone directly in front of their front door
also seemed like an undue burden on the occupants of 840 Menlo. Hence the
majority of us voted to recommend Option D, across the street on the other
side of Evelyn.

Thank you for taking our recommendation into consideration, along with
letters from several residents who expressed concerns about loading on
Menlo Ave.

Lydia Lee
Received on Fri Oct 19 2018 - 11:21:55 PDT

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