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Library System - Belle Haven Branch

From: domainremoved <Pamela>
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2018 11:42:44 -0700

Mayor Ohtaki, Council members and staff,

Although I am saddened at the loss of an initial donor to the main library,
we now have the opportunity to approach funding for a Menlo Park Library
System. Residents maybe more amenable to a bond measure that is equitable
and inclusive. Working together, our various library funding advocates may
find that funding for City-wide state-of-the-art libraries will attract
previously unnamed philanthropists.

Since City owned land is extremely limited in the Belle Haven neighborhood,
it is logical to begin the site-selection process immediately following the
space-needs study. This would expedite the building program/site conditions
review and schematic designs. It may be possible to shortened the timeline
by one year and possibly eighteen months.

I support the recommendations outlined by the Belle Haven Neighborhood
Library Advisory Committee, Attachment *B*.

I request your approval motion be as follows:

1. Finalize and approve the Gensler Report as a document assessing the
needs of the BH neighborhood for a new, 21st century library, with
emphasize that key stakeholders’ inputs be taken during the siting phase

2. Include letter, Attachment *B*, from the Belle Haven Neighborhood
Library Advisory Committee as a summary of feedback from the members of the

3. Direct staff to begin a space needs assessment for a new Belle
Haven branch library with input as outlined in number *1*.

4. Authorize the city manager to execute a contract with Noll and Tam
Architects not to exceed $75,000 for the space needs assessment for a new
Belle Haven branch library. This study to include recommendations for
possible siting.

As a retired educator, I believe that future-needs library services are
important to ensuring a well informed and educated public. Hence the name
public library.


Pamela D. Jones, resident

*The impossible dissipates when **I* *becomes **WE**. *
Received on Tue Oct 09 2018 - 11:41:56 PDT

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