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Fwd: Take Action: Stop Attack on Peninsula Clean Energy!

From: domainremoved <J>
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2018 13:27:41 -0700

I'm contacting you because you probably remember my advocacy for Community
Choice Energy programs about 2 year ago. We are all now enjoying the
benefits of cleaner energy, reduced cost, and more local control that our
very successful local Community Choice Energy programs deliver.

treatment of Community Choice Energy programs vs. Investor Owned Utilities
(ie. PG&E).

Recently, a task force made up of representatives of all interests,
presented their assessment of how to fairly handle the supposedly stranded
costs of customers leaving PGE to join Community Choice Energy programs.
Rather than accept this fair approach, the utilities are lobbying the CPUC
to choose an alternate approach than favors their profits.

Please read the attached information and make your opinion known to the

Thank you, Jan

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Debbie Mytels <dmytels_at_(domainremoved)
Date: Fri, Oct 5, 2018 at 2:52 PM
Subject: Take Action: Stop Attack on Peninsula Clean Energy!
To: Fossil Free Midpeninsula <fossil-free-midpeninsula_at_(domainremoved)

Community Choice Energy programs are now bringing nearly 100% renewable
electricity to eight million energy customers in California — including all
of SM County and much of SC County. But *this innovative, non-profit
approach is now under threat* by an proposed fee increase to be decided by
the CPUC at the request of monopoly utilities like PG&E. The CPUC votes
on October 11— please *TAKE ACTION* ASAP!

Please take a minute and click to send a message to the CA Public Utilities
Commission (CPUC). Click below at *TAKE ACTION *and hit “start writing” — you
can then use the pre-written letter by clicking on “Send Letters” — it will
do that automatically for you.

If you want to send your own message, just say “Community Choice Energy
programs are now serving eight million California customers. These
programs are leading the transition to our 100% renewable energy future,
and the CPUC should not shift unfair costs to the customers of these
non-profit programs to the benefit of Investor-Owned Utilities like PG&E.
The CPUC must comply with the rules of AB 117 and reject Commissioner
Peterman's 'Alternate Proposed Decision.’”

*Our future depends on increasing the use of renewable energy* — and the
CCE programs are leading the way — we must protect them! —

— Debbie Mytels

On Oct 5, 2018, at 10:59 AM, Mark Grossman <grossman_mark_at_(domainremoved)

Next week, on October 11, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
will decide whether to institute a dramatic increase in the on-going
departing load charge--the PCIA--levied on Community Choice customers. *This
change would undermine the viability of Community Choice programs on behalf
of the monopoly utilities.* It would be contrary to California Community
Choice law and contrary to the environmental, economic, and social justice
benefits Community Choice programs are uniquely able to provide

Already more than 100 elected officials across the state have publicly
opposed this move by the CPUC. *It is urgent for Community Choice
supporters to do likewise and create a storm of protest.*

The CPUC decision will take place in San Francisco at 505 Van Ness Avenue,
at McAllister, 9:30 am on Oct. 11. We encourage everyone, and especially
public officials, to attend that meeting, speak up, and defend Community
Choice against this existential threat.


MORE:→ http://cacommunityenergy.org/action-alert-oppose-cpuc-undermining-community-choice/

*The standard letter states: *
I’m writing to urge you to call on CPUC commissioners to comply with AB
117, the Community Choice law, and soundly reject Commissioner Peterman’s
"Alternate Proposed Decision" (APD) for the Power Charge Indifference
Adjustment (PCIA).
The APD undermines Community Choice energy programs across California.

The APD is an aggressive attack on Community Choice:
• It increases PCIA charges -- it allows the utilities to charge for
generation they own, contrary to legislative statute and for a potentially
unlimited time period;
• It fails to cap PCIA charges -- this eliminates PCIA predictability
that's essential for Community Choice planning and viability;
• It raises PCIA charges, again -- by replacing the statutory formula with
one that incentivizes IOUs to maximize losses by selling off stranded
resources cheaply or not at all.
• It protects utility shareholders -- the APD places the risks of bad
utility contracts on CCA customers. It shields shareholders from IOU
procurement mistakes.

Future PCIA costs calculated under the APD would be extremely damaging to
California's Community Choice programs.

California now has 18 operational Community Choice programs in 160
communities across California, serving eight million customers. These
programs are leading the transition to our 100% clean energy future, ahead
of schedule, cost-effectively, and with economic and social benefits to
their communities. To adhere to the Legislature's intent in AB 117 (2002),
which created the Community Choice option for local governments, the CPUC
has a duty to ensure that unfair, anti-competitive costs are not shifted to
these programs.

CPUC's adoption of the APD would undermine Community Choice programs and
violate AB 117. This action would showcase yet again the CPUC’s bias toward
the IOUs and against Community Choice programs.

We therefore ask you to call on the CPUC to comply with AB 117 and soundly
reject the APD.

Debbie Mytels
2824 Louis Road. Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 856-7580
"Remembering the Future in our Actions Every Day"
Received on Sat Oct 06 2018 - 13:26:21 PDT

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