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From: domainremoved <Delaney>
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2018 01:43:06 -0500

Hello there,
(Not sure if this is the person to talk to but I hope you can lead me
in the right Direction)
   My name is Delaney Ball and I'm in 8th grade at Hilview middle
school in Menlo Park. Today about 8 kids on scooters as well as
myself were kicked out of the skatepark by a policemen. His reasoning
was that we had to leave because the rules are scooters are not
allowed in the skatepark. I understand that those are the rules so we
left after he threaten to give us a ticket. But, I come to the burgess
skatepark almost everyday because riding professional scooters is one
of my favorite things to do (I recently got sponsored). i like the
burgess park because it is family friendly. I think Menlo Park should
be inclusive and allow kids to have fun in the skatepark and not
restrict it to only skateboards. Most kids start out by riding
scooters and they should have a place to go with there parents to have
fun. I know about 15 other scooter riders that also come her
frequently. I was just wondering if there was any way we could change
the rules to allow things such as,
BMX (trick bikes)
   I know that the bmx riders have also been trying for a few years
now to have the rules changed so it will benefit many people. I
believe that scooters and BMX are the same as skateboards because they
are on wheels and they both have the same purpose which is to ride
and grind on objects. As long as the other rules are followed like no
food or drinks and people under 18 must wear a helmet, etc I don't see
anything wrong with scooters being ridden in the skatepark.

The main reason skaters dislike scooters and don't want them in the
skatepark is because they claim we are "annoying" and get in the way.
That isn't really an issue that should ban scooters. Thats more hating
on the person and not the scooter itself. the kids that get in the
way or are "annoying" are the smaller kids because they don't know
what direction skaters or other riders are heading in. But this isn't
because they are riding a scooter, the same thing could occur with a
kid or even an adult on a skateboard.

If there is anything we can do to help get the rules changed to allow
scooters in the skatepark, like having a petition signed or thing like
that, please let me know. I hope you can share my ideas and get them

Thanks for your time,
Delaney Ball

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