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Petition opposing the plans for 1704 ECR

From: domainremoved <Susan>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2018 11:53:39 -0700

Hi Corinna,

Please see the link below to our Change.org petition opposing the current
1704 ECR plan. I believe you have been receiving notices when people sign.
In addition to the online signatures people have also signed an identical
paper petition. I've attached all those signatures. *As of today,
10/4/18,* * 93
signatures have been collected opposing the plans that are slated for the
study session on Oct 8.*

We request that you share this petition and signatures with the planning
commission for the Oct 8 study session.

Best, Susan Neville


*Our Neighborhood stands united in opposition to the recent changes
proposed for the Hampton Inn development. We changed our formerly
supportive position when the developer submitted new plans that shifted
parking to ground level (from underground) which resulted in an overall
increase to the project scale. *

*It has grown in size (3 floors, 67 rooms, 36.4K square feet) from what was
previously proposed and is now positioned too close to nearby housing and
has added back hotel rooms to the 3rd floor at the east elevation.
Specifically, the developer’s latest plans shift the building to only 21.7
feet from the Forest Lane boundary, and will have four hotel rooms
overlooking homes on Forest Lane. View the plans here.

*We call for the City of Menlo Park to require the developer to implement
two changes to the plans:• create a minimum 38’ set-back from the Forest
Lane boundary; • replace all 3rd floor rooms facing Forest Lane with a
full-length trellis, as well as 2nd-story landscaping*

Received on Thu Oct 04 2018 - 11:52:31 PDT

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