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Menlo Park camera extension on upcoming council meeting - and ticketing is way up

From: domainremoved <Jim>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2018 01:20:55 -0700


Subject: Menlo Park camera extension on upcoming council meeting - and
ticketing is way up

Venue: Council meeting of Oct. 9 or Oct. 23

Honorable Councilmembers:

The Oct. 9 MP council meeting may include a staff item recommending the
extension of the red light camera program contract for more years.

The red light cam ticketing jumped in May 2018, to the highest since
Jan. 2009, and in June, July and August 2018 it was higher yet. The
ticketing seen in May - August:

    A. Was 66% higher than the ticketing seen in January - April 2018.

    B. Was 55% higher than the average ticketing seen in May - August
    of 2016 and May - August of 2017.

    C. If continued through December 2018 will produce 8107 tickets in
    2018, 37% higher than in 2017.

    D. If continued in 2019 will produce 9351 tickets by the end of
    that year, 58% higher than in 2017.

A possible explanation of why the ticketing went up is this March 15,
2018 email* from MPPD Commander Dixon to Traffic Sergeant Mackdanz
(which I sent out to you in early August, before I saw the latest
reports showing the increased ticketing):

    /"According to the current budget information our Redflex numbers
    are way down year to date. I'm trying to determine if this is due
    to one installation being lower than the rest or if the lower
    numbers are across the board.//
    //"Please have Deborah contact Redflex and get a fiscal year (16/17
    vs 17/18) to date comparison of each installation.//
    //"Commander William A. Dixon"/


Jim Lissner

cc: Media, Council Candidates

*The MPPD email reproduced above, and the ticketing figures, were
obtained legally, via a public records request submitted by
highwayrobbery [dot] net.

ยก Viva Hermosa !
Received on Wed Oct 03 2018 - 01:19:44 PDT

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