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Strongly Oppose Relocation Payment

From: domainremoved <Qiming>
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2018 20:25:10 -0700

Dear Mayor Ohtaki and Members of the City Council,

I urge you to reject the proposal of the Housing Commission to require
relocation payments unless rent increases are capped.

The Housing Commission has expanded the scope of a relocation program
beyond the City Council’s original intent – which was to pursue a
relocation assistance program triggered when units are permanently removed
from the market.

Please do not create more legal hurdles and financial burdens on property
owners. These proposals jeopardize my ability to continue to provide safe,
stable, and reliable housing for Menlo Park residents, and to pay property
tax to support county and city public initiatives.

Thank you for your efforts to represent and protect interests of all the
parties from Menlo Park.


Qiming Huang

Menlo Park Property Owner
Received on Tue Oct 02 2018 - 20:24:07 PDT

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