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2018 Coastal Cleanup at Bedwell Bayfront Park

From: domainremoved <Chris>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2018 16:41:20 -0700

Dear members of City Council and Parks and Recreation Commissioners,

Bedwell Bayfront Park hosted a station for Coastal Cleanup Day on September
15, 2018. A clean up station has been held here for close to 10 years.

This year:

108 lbs. of trash and 50 lbs. of recycling were collected.

140 people participated – a new record. Many families with children came as
well as Sacred Heart School and Girl Scouts.

Interesting things found or noted:

· Cigarette butts were the most prevalent item found, according to
many participants. Caps from water bottles also were found in high

· Two 5-foot long fluorescent light tubes.

· 1 drone.

· 2 tires. Girl Scouts rolled one over to the collection point.

· Blankets, underwear. We were told of sleeping bags and similar
that were not picked up.

· Dog poop – both in and out of plastic bags.


· Cigarette butts indicate a big fire hazard in this park of dry

· The human poop, clothing, blankets are clearly from people living
or sleeping in the park. The clumps of shrubs and trees, when you go into
the hollow area inside the foliage, have indications of use more often than

· We witnessed a drone being flown over the park, and over the
parking lot. Menlo Park police were notified of the exact location but did
not come for an hour and then a patrol car was seen driving to the other
parking lot. Despite the regulation being implemented in November 2016 the
only places it can be found is on the map pamphlet at the kiosk and on the
very small icon at the entrance gate. The city’s website about the park has
regulations but they do not mention drones or radio-controlled planes.

· The big ‘storyboard’ with map and regulations was damaged in
February and removed in May. There is no estimate of when even a temporary
kiosk might be put in with the current regulations.

We appreciate that you value the park, and look forward to a day when there
may be better patrols and ranger coverage to help keep the park clean and

Thank you.

Chris MacIntosh and Davena Gentry

Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park
Chris MacIntosh
Received on Mon Oct 01 2018 - 16:40:06 PDT

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