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Menlo PD Issuing Parking Tickets in Unincorporated San Mateo County Areas

From: David R. Schinski <"David>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2018 19:51:40 +0000

As a 20+ year resident living on Stanford Avenue in Unincorporated Menlo Park - I would respectfully like to report my displeasure of a recent escalation of parking ticket citations being issued by Menlo Park City Police in our area. We have no street lights, we have no sidewalks and our roadway surfaces are minimally marked and un-repaired. This is not heavily parked area with a low level of organization, We have dirt and gravel frontages, trees growing in the middle of the streets and in many cases curbs and gutters are non-existent - essentially a quiet couple of rural blocks surrounded by Menlo Park and Stanford University.

Many times in the past when the community has asked traffic enforcement or community service issues - we have been referred to (and waited for) CHP or County Sheriff to respond…I guess somewhat understandable given our tax service area…

But now, it appears that the City of Menlo Park Police Department has made it a priority to patrol our area and issue parking citations to US the residents of this area - I am surprised as to why anyone would think this is a meaningful service to our community as I am not aware of any complaints of overflow parking from adjacent areas, nor am I aware of any complaints of vehicles being parked for excessive amounts of time. Additionally, parking headed both directions on our narrow, unmarked streets often makes sense as we know better than anyone about traffic flow and neighborhood goings on.

So in conclusion, please consider why you are doing what you are doing and who you think you are serving - as to many of us it seems that this is just a convenient way to generate revenue from our rural County tax area and direct it into City directed fund sources. Not a great way to build a community.

Dave Schinski
209 Stanford Avenue
Received on Fri Aug 31 2018 - 12:50:51 PDT

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