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No to EV Ordinance Under Consideration Tonight

From: domainremoved <Sateez>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2018 20:16:18 +0000 (UTC)

DearMenlo Park City Council,


Irecommend that the City not pass the EV charging station ordinance at this timefor a variety of reasons, many of which were articulated in the letter sent toCity Council this morning by Bob Burke and Steve Pierce of Greenheart Land Co(http://ccin.menlopark.org/18797.html). 


Iam 100% in favor of encouraging and supporting EV usage, but the ordinance isflawed, overreaching and not well thought out. Please do not increase costs dramatically without proper justificationor foresight and do not ignore the realities of ever changing technology.  Below are the summary pointsfrom the aforementioned letter:


“1.Justification for the ordinance has not been established.


2.Market forces, not regulatory guesses, should determine the provision of EVcharging station.


3.An over supply of EV charging stations reduces parking for non-EV vehicles,which will not park in EV spaces.


4.The demand for charging stations at places of work is diminished because EVowners have a cost incentive to charge at night not during business hours.


5.Demand for non residential charging stations will be dampened by the everincreasing driving range of EV’s.


6.The residential requirement for 100% of units to have charging station isexcessive. (At 777 Hamilton 6% of residents own an EV.)


7.Technology is changing rapidly in this embryonic industry. 2018 chargers willbe obsolete by 2023; so why install now for a guestimate of 2023+ demand.


8.Do not wire for future EV spaces. Wiring requirements will change over time.Install conduit, and pull wires when needed.”




Received on Tue Aug 28 2018 - 13:15:31 PDT

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