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Item G1- prioritize safety for walking and biking downtown

From: domainremoved <Bianca>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2018 12:31:18 -0700

Honorable Council members,

I am writing tonight to urge you to accept the Staff recommendation on item
G1, with regards to the location of the loading zone for Draeger's.
Although I am a member of the Complete Streets Commission, I write to you
today as a resident of Menlo Park.

The Complete Streets Commission looked at the various options for a loading
zone for Draeger's and concluded that placing the loading zone on Menlo
Avenue would needlessly endanger both bicyclists and pedestrians. Placing
the loading zone on Menlo Avenue would require all the delivery trucks to
navigate the extremely tight right-hand turn at University Drive. The
intersection of University and Menlo has a difficult layout which already
creates a lot of driver confusion in a place with significant pedestrian
activity. Adding heavy trucks into this mix is a recipe for disaster.
Those delivery trucks would then have to make their way through the
intersection of University and Santa Cruz, which is even more heavily used
by people walking and biking.

A delivery truck unloading on Menlo Avenue would create sightline issues
for everyone else, making people walking and biking even more vulnerable. A
truck parked on Menlo Avenue would narrow the travel lane and endanger
people on bikes. The unloading process will mean boxes and pallets blocking
the sidewalk and hampering pedestrians.

Please keep downtown safe and accessible to people walking and biking, and
accept the Staff recommendation to place the loading zone for Draeger's on
the south side of Evelyn Street.

Thank you.

Bianca Walser
University Drive
Received on Tue Aug 28 2018 - 12:30:54 PDT

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