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Trash containers in downtown parking spaces

From: domainremoved <Lyn>
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2018 22:36:54 -0700

Dear Members of the City Council,

Why is the city permitting private businesses in the downtown area to keep
their dumpsters in much needed parking stalls rather than on their own

Not only are we losing 15 or more valuable parking spaces in the downtown
area, the dumpsters create a safety hazard as they attract all kinds of
trash including furniture, mattresses, paint cans, fish tanks, mirrors,
wooden pallets, dental office waste, hazardous waste, electronic waste, and
food waste, the list goes on and on. Most of the people dumping things in
or near the dumpsters think the city is providing this free service. Some
nearby landlords have told their tenants to use the dumpsters as it saves
them the cost of providing trash removal for their tenants. Broken glass
and nails on the pavement are common (see last photo). When the dumpsters
fill, the dumpers just put their trash in the recycling bins or leave it on
the ground.

There are scavengers who come by at night, two legged and four legged. Just
keep watch about 11pm, lots of dumping activity and lots of scavenging.
When the wind blows the trash does also, all around the parking lot.

This problem has been brought up to two of the owners of these dumpsters
with no results. It has also been brought up to code enforcement with no
results. Plus two of you on the City Council were shown photos of this
problem a couple of years ago and promised to get right on it.

Since downtown businesses can have trash removal 5 days a week there is no
need for dumpsters, rolling carts confined to their own property should

Please explain why this is being allowed and/or condoned. Thank you.

L. McMillan

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Received on Sun Aug 12 2018 - 22:36:30 PDT

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