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Development at 840 Menlo Avenue

From: domainremoved <Joyce>
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2018 22:02:19 -0700

To the Honorable City Council:

To the Menlo Park City Council:


I am asking you to turn down the proposed new building at 840 Menlo Avenue.


In the words of the Daily Post, 8-3-2018: “The El Camino Real Downtown Specific Plan which was approved by the Council in 2012 for the purpose of limiting growth in that area for 20 years has nearly exhausted its supply of commercial space for new developments”. This, on top of the fact that the proposed Facebook projects have used up the allotment for the whole city.


Was the development at 840 Menlo Avenue included in the original plan for downtown Menlo Park? Or is it being considered without consideration of the greater vision for the city? Does its 11,471 square feet include office space that prevent other construction with greater desirability for the City as a whole?


Have studies been done on the parking, traffic, and environmental impact of this building?


· Parking: The plans provide some parking spaces, but do not provide evidence that these spaces will completely park the workers and clients of the offices in the building, not to mention the condo residents who may or may not be working from, or in, the home during the day. There are already times of year, especially Christmas and Thanksgiving where parking is almost impossible to find in the area. I have a parking permit in Plaza 5, and there have been times when I, and more importantly, my clients, have had a terrible time parking. When I could not park in Plaza 5, I asked the parking enforcement person what I should do. She said, “Park in another lot and I won’t ticket you.” But the other lots were also full.


· Traffic: Traffic in the area is already heavy. There have been days when it has taken me over twenty minutes to cross El Camino to the East at Menlo Avenue. The proposed building is likely to make this even worse.


· Environment: Environmentally, this building is an eyesore—its space-age design is completely out of character with the surrounding area. It is a three-story building, 39 feet tall, with 11,471 square feet of space. It would be jammed into a spot that is barely the size of a tennis court.


I am hoping that before you approve this project, you request unbiased studies of its parking, traffic, and environmental impact. I am further hoping that you will evaluate this proposal in the light of the optimal growth of Menlo Park as a whole, and in the context of the El Camino Real Downtown Specific Plan recently put in place by the City Council. This plan, as the Post has pointed out, has already nearly exhausted its allowed commercial space for new developments.




Joyce Schmid, Ph.D., MFT

830 Menlo Avenue, Suite 200, Menlo Park, 94025
Received on Mon Aug 06 2018 - 22:01:56 PDT

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