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From: domainremoved <Jim>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2018 23:56:36 -0400

Honorable Council Members and Staff:

It may fall short of a community health emergency, but given the number of people that actively and regularly use the BEDWELL BAYFRONT PARK, the removal of trash and the repair of the restrooms may be critically important.

Respectfully, allow me to ask if a schedule has been prepared for fiscal year 2018-2019 to implement the Park Master Plan, the Strategic Plan and various Development Agreements benefiting the park? Daily, the

    1- Trails need maintenance and have become a tripping hazard,

    2- Roads have fallen in disrepair, resulting in being a tripping hazard and hard on cars,

    3- Great Spirit Path critically needs attention as time, weather and vandalism has affected this priceless, world class piece of art

and so on. The list can be increased from #4 - 100 very easily. Thus, negligence may become a factor if an illness or accident should occur.

It is reasonable and prudent to ask "Can a Park Ranger be retained", at a minimum, during the more active summer months. Rules are regularly being broken. Does anybody care?

The Park Rules sign at the entrance to the park is too small to read. The Park Rules sign near the 2nd parking lot is entirely encapsulated with weeds and can no longer be seen. The Storyboard is missing near the restroom and at the top of the hill overseeing the bay. What are their status? Should an insurance claim be filed? Do you plan to replace them, if so, when?

What can be done to address these and similar issues?

HERE IS AN EMAIL from another citizen recently posted, if you haven't seen it?

"Who should I be asking about the state of trash cans? Last night, July 23, at the park, all the trash cans were full and there was also a car seat apparently dumped in the bushes next to the restrooms. See photos in the zip folder of all of these."


"A walk at the park yesterday leads me to ask two questions:

1- I see the toilets are again replaced with porta-potties - than you for getting those in place. When will the restrooms be reopened. Might it be possible to put a sign with the likely date there, rather than the piece of cardboard (see attached photo), though I am grateful for that.

2- The trash cans on a busy weekend are filled to overflowing. Could more be put there, or could they be emptied during the weekend? See photo - the lid on this one wasn't going to stay closed and would simply blow open again in the wind if put back into place. Every black bin I saw was full at about 4 pm. As we left after an hour or so, the park was becoming even busier. In the heat, the park was the perfect place to walk and stay cool. Thank you."

The city parks are a great place for kids and families to play. Let's make them desirable and a fun place to visit - including, but not limited to, being sanitary, clean and healthy. It's reasonable to expect and demand no less, particularly in an affluent and world class city like Menlo Park.
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