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A safe place for Middle School and High School students to gather in Menlo Park

From: domainremoved <Elizabeth>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2018 09:43:03 -0700

Dear members of the Menlo Park's Planning Commission and Menlo Park City
It has recently come to my attention, due to changes in Menlo Park, Menlo
Church formerly known as Menlo Park Presbyterian Church may no longer be
able to support a safe, all inclusive gathering of Middle and High School
students without a permit. And you, as members of the Planning Commission
and City Council are making this decision.
 My family has been a member of Menlo Church for over 25 years and our
daughter has grown up in the Children's, Middle and HS ministries. We live
in nearby Palo Alto and she has brought friends of all faiths to the many
church sponsored activities over the years. "The Bank" on the corner of
University Street and Santa Cruz Avenue has made this all possible.
Utilizing the building and the parking lot the students can gather and
safely have fun while respecting the neighbors. The loud amplified music is
held within the Bank and the students are kept within the boundaries of the
Banks parking lot, not spilling out on to the sidewalks where they could be
a nuisance. The church emphasizes being a good neighbor.
I hope you will act quickly in granting a permit for the church. During
these times when we want our children off of electronics and engaging with
others in a safe(adult church members are there), fun manner no matter
where you live or what your religious preference is. You do not have to be
a member of the church and you don't have to pay a membership fee. The
church does this for it's community at large.
I would ask you to see the children in action, but from what I gather they
can not congregate without this permit. I will tell you they are not
sitting around playing video games. The students are engaging in many
different ways singing, learning, playing games, being kids, etc. They also
learn to give back, having many different community service projects they
can participate in. Please do not take this valuable community resource
away from our youth.

Most Sincerely,
*Elizabeth Doi Ludwig*
Received on Mon Jul 16 2018 - 09:44:49 PDT

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