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Judge Socrates Manoukian / Markham Plaza Apartments

From: domainremoved <Cindy>
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2018 20:11:06 +0200
Dear Jane and John Q Pubic,
Thank you for your recent article regarding judges Socrates Peter Manoukian and his wife, Patricia Bamattre Manoukian.
My name is Cindy Alvarez, I am with the Markham Plaza Tenant Association and work very closely with the families who were oppressed and attacked by Santa Clara County Sheriff detective David Carroll, who forced young children at Markham Plaza Apartments to play in puddles of blood and urine which they were tracking all over the building on their shoes.
Dectective David Carroll claimed that he was only doing his job by enforcing a court order by judge Socrates Peter Manoukian, which prevented Markham Plaza residents from reaching out for professional assistance regarding these problems long plaguing the Markham Plaza community, that were made worse by the Sheriff's department, the public guardian's office and others who in the course of their malicious attacks, claimed the life of Markham Plaza resident Robert Moss and more recently, the life of Markham Plaza resident Rhonda Engel. ( R.I.P. 07/26/1960-04/24/2018 )
These families were threatened by sheriff deputies and Markham Plaza's attorney, Karen McCay that if they complained about the violence and other health & safety issues, they would be arrested for harassment, evicted from Markham Plaza and that their young children would be taken away, turned over to Child Protective Services where they would be repeatedly raped and molested in foster care.
Keep up the good work and thank you for the wonderful public service you provide. Please do not stop bringing attention to judge Manoukian and corruption in Santa Clara County. By doing so you may prevent other innocent people from being injured or killed by these reckless and dangerous criminals. 
The Markham Plaza Tenant association can be reached at: 669-244-3169
All the best,
Cindy Alvarez
Received on Sat Jul 07 2018 - 11:12:22 PDT

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