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Re: Petition Urging Stop Signs on Central Ave. in the Willows

From: domainremoved <Kirsten>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 09:10:10 -0700


Thank you for your email Tricia, Tracy and Chris. Mayor Ohtaki, please
agendize this as soon as possible.


Kirsten Keith

On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 11:34 PM Tracy Morris <tracymorrispr_at_(domainremoved)

> Good Evening,
> We are among a wide group of neighbors who live in the Willows near
> Central Ave. and are deeply frustrated about the growing traffic safety
> problem at the intersections of Central Ave./Elm St. and Central
> Ave./Walnut St. On June 16, a woman on a bicycle was hit by a car at the
> intersection of Central and Elm. A few weeks earlier, on May 7, a young
> girl on a bicycle was hit by a car as she was crossing Central Ave. at
> Walnut St. on her way to school at Willow Oaks. There are near-accidents at
> these intersections on an almost daily basis. The widely expressed concern
> has been that it is not a matter of if an accident will end in tragedy, but
> when.
> Attached is a petition signed by a majority of neighbors (over 75 total)
> close to these two intersections urging the City to take immediate action
> and install stop signs. We have also attached a coded map so you can see
> the homes represented by the signatures. This is not a time for extended
> monitoring and studying. It needs to be resolved now and we urge you to
> make that happen. Thank you for your prompt attention and consideration.
> Sincerely,
> Tricia Barr, 650-867-7301
> Tracy Morris, 650-380-4413
> Chris DeCardy
> --
Best regards,

Kirsten Keith,
Councilmember and former Mayor, City of Menlo Park
Received on Wed Jun 27 2018 - 09:10:43 PDT

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