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Petition Urging Stop Signs on Central Ave. in the Willows

From: domainremoved <Tracy>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 23:29:52 -0700

Good Evening,

We are among a wide group of neighbors who live in the Willows near Central Ave. and are deeply frustrated about the growing traffic safety problem at the intersections of Central Ave./Elm St. and Central Ave./Walnut St. On June 16, a woman on a bicycle was hit by a car at the intersection of Central and Elm. A few weeks earlier, on May 7, a young girl on a bicycle was hit by a car as she was crossing Central Ave. at Walnut St. on her way to school at Willow Oaks. There are near-accidents at these intersections on an almost daily basis. The widely expressed concern has been that it is not a matter of if an accident will end in tragedy, but when.

Attached is a petition signed by a majority of neighbors (over 75 total) close to these two intersections urging the City to take immediate action and install stop signs. We have also attached a coded map so you can see the homes represented by the signatures. This is not a time for extended monitoring and studying. It needs to be resolved now and we urge you to make that happen. Thank you for your prompt attention and consideration.


Tricia Barr, 650-867-7301
Tracy Morris, 650-380-4413
Chris DeCardy

Received on Tue Jun 26 2018 - 23:34:32 PDT

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