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Libary (s)

From: domainremoved <pjspickler_at_>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 17:19:46 -0400

Ave , in Latin, Hail the city council.

Although a member of the council replied to my earlier letter,

a letter in which I advocated for continuing the system as is
rather than the proposed ideas for some big sweeping changes,

my hope is that other council members may agree with my view.

Here is a dictionary definition of a Lending Library.

(a) A collection of books, periodicals musical scores, films,

phonograph records (CDs and DVDs. etc etc. Especially

a large, systematically arranged collection, for reading and reference.

(b) A public or private institution in charge of the care and circulation of such a collection.

     As I see it the Menlo Park, main library, at present. fits the definition admirably.

Those advocating change in terms of tech, education and community,

Picture a hybrid institution that still wants be called a Lending Library.

  That idea also encroaches on our public schools and the many tech

teaching outfits aside from the public schools also found in the community colleges,

As for community programs, cities and counties and the state have that

well covered, with out laying such upon our libraries , which already serve, by their

very nature, the community.

   It pays, if unpopular, to look at history, as well as other cities that toyed

with their public libraries and see how they have fared before stepping into

the deep end :)

   My further hope is that the Arrillaga gift is not the problem ( as in what do we do with all that

   dough )

Received on Tue Jun 26 2018 - 14:21:06 PDT

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