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Dangerous traffic situation: Alpine/Sand Hill

From: domainremoved <Janet>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2018 18:40:51 +0000 (UTC)

The traffic situation from Rural Lane to Sand Hill isabsolutely intolerable and dangerous.  In the morning (especially when schools arein session) this is most apparent.  Thisis only going to get worse when the new hospital facilities officially open.·        Traffic from Alpine to Stanford campus , theshopping center and/or the hospital backs up in the 2 right hand lanes. Thismeans that although the light at Alpine might be green, few to no cars can pass the green light because the spacebetween the intersections is blocked.  Sometimes it takes several iterations to clearthe Alpine intersection.·        Because of the back-up, through traffic todowntown Menlo Park uses the left lane at the Alpine intersection in order toavoid several iterations of light changes, and then fights to change lanesbetween the two intersections or in the first block of Santa Cruz, causingmajor safety issues.  The dangers areexacerbated by the recent installation of the sharrows, which causes yet morelane changes·        Because of the back-up, the bike lane betweenthe two intersections is totally blocked. This causes cyclists to use the “trail” under the cantilevered sectionof Santa Cruz, often at very high speeds. This trail is also full of holes and pits, has non-ADA compliant steep inclinesand blind corners, endangering both cyclists and pedestrians·        Most people turning right at Junipero Serra (fromAlpine) or at Sand Hill (turning towards the hospital) ignore the red light, donot stop, and endanger cyclists and pedestrians.·        Because of the gridlock between the twointersections, cars trying to get from Junipero Serra to SLAC cannot get intothe left turn lane at Sand Hill·        The entire area between the two intersections isfrequently full of “kamikaze” cyclists vying for road space, often dashing inbetween vehicles, because there are no bike markings, or even facilities·        Because of the back-ups drivers sometimes runthe lights in all directions, and sometimes there is grid lock with stationary carsblocking lanes .·        Because of the chaos and lack of signage driversoften swerve across several lanes trying to get to their destination.  I have seen vehicles in the left turn lane toSLAC at Santa Cruz/Sand Hill veer across all the north bound lanes to make aright turn to the hospital.LONG TERM SOLUTIONS: A tunnel from I-280 connecting to Campus Drive West thatprovides access to the hospital and campusMassive engineering fixes to the cantilevered section and “trail.”Modifications to the I-280 off ramps and spacing of driversexiting onto AlpineSHORT TERM FIXES:Erect signs at the Alpine/Junipero Serra intersection directinghospital-bound drivers to use Junipero Serra and Campus Drive West to accessthe hospital, and requiring Stanford to make this possiblePut speed limit of 5 mph on “trail”Increased traffic enforcement in the area with significantfines for dangerous driving and cyclingCameras to spot red light runners CONCLUSION:The entire area is atraffic engineering nightmare owing to the poor original design that did notcontemplate the magnitude of Stanford’s expansion.  This cannot continue.
Received on Mon Jun 11 2018 - 11:41:39 PDT

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