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Grade separation

From: domainremoved <Katherine>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2018 15:23:26 -0700

Dear City Council,

I understand that the grade separation option you’ve selected as the City’s current top choice would restrict access to Alma St. from Ravenswood. This is a very bad idea.

Just a few years ago, you will remember there was a trial restriction of right turns onto Alma St. from eastbound Ravenswood. The result? Traffic on Ravenswood got WORSE. And traffic on Laurel St. through Linfield Oaks got MUCH MUCH WORSE. I remember it taking 30 minutes to get from Draeger’s to my home in Linfield Oaks due to the clog on Ravenswood. And I remember parades of speeding cars cutting through Linfield Oaks on Laurel St., breezing through stop signs.

Laurel St. through Linfield Oaks is a neighborhood street, not an arterial street. It’s a major route for kids on bikes going to and from school. It’s one of the main conduits for families going on foot to Burgess Park. The sidewalks are narrow and immediately adjacent to the street. There are no bike lanes and there are often cars parked on the street, pushing cyclists of all ages out into the middle of the street to go around the cars. Laurel St. is simply not a safe environment for cyclists and pedestrians to coexist with large volumes of cars. But that is exactly what would happen if access to Alma St. from Ravenswood were restricted and all traffic through Linfield Oaks was forced to use Laurel St.

On the other hand, Alma St. through Linfield Oaks is a wide street with both bike lanes AND sidewalks. It is a much safer environment for cars / cyclists / pedestrians to coexist safely. When car traffic through Linfield Oaks can be split up between Alma and Laurel, as is currently the case, the volume of cars on Laurel is less, and thus safer for everyone. If access to Alma St. were restricted due to the current grade separation option on the table, all traffic through Linfield Oaks would be forced to use the less safe option.

Making rail crossings safer is certainly an important goal and one that I support. However, I do not support any grade separation option that would improve safely in one place only to create a ripple effect of unsafe conditions elsewhere. If the current option were to move forward, the Ravenswood crossing might very well become safer but only at the expense of safety on Laurel St. in Linfield Oaks.

Katy Miller
Linfield Oaks
Received on Sun Jun 03 2018 - 15:24:21 PDT

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