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From: domainremoved <Janet>
Date: Sun, 27 May 2018 14:45:18 +0000 (UTC)

COMPLAINTThere is a safety issue that needs addressing in the nextbudget session.  This involves the highlydangerous situation between the two intersections of Sand Hill and Alpine.·        Cyclists have no safe way of negotiating thespace to get to Junipero Serra.  This ishazardous for both cyclists and drivers·        The middle lane at the Alpine intersection needsto be only LEFT TURN because there are numerous near misses where cyclists wantto turn left but the car goes straight·        The merge lane (if the left turn lane is notLEFT TURN ONLY) is way too short causing near misses every rush hour·        In the evening rush hour traffic coming fromJunipero Serra is unable to access the far left lane in order to turn ontoupper Sand Hill Road because the intersection is frequently blocked by vehiclescoming from Alpine ·        In rush hour cars coming from Junipero Serra tryingto access the left turn lane to Upper Sand hill road are further  hampered by the brick “bulb out”  median that does not allow cars to access theturn lane.  The result is that sometimesonly one car/light iteration is able to make the turn·        The bike lane from the Alpine intersection tothe city limit along Alpine is too narrow, and at one point it is taken up witha storm drain vent, and the trees often impinge onto the lane which ishazardous for tall riders·        The below surface “trail” between the twointersections is a nightmare.  It is notADA compliant because of the steep incline and the sharp turns.  Because the bike lane is usually blocked bycars turning to the Med. Center, and because of the traffic lights, skilled cyclistshave taken to using the trail.  They canreach speeds in excess of 30 mph and cut the corners, making it highlydangerous for pedestrians or less skill cyclists.  In addition, this is the route that kids taketo and from La Entrada.  It isadditionally dangerous because of the blind corners.·        Because cyclists now  use the below road trail routinely, theycontinue up Alpine cycling the wrong way and using thepedestrian path through Stanford Weekend Acres, causing extreme danger topedestrians and to homeowners trying to access the road.·        The “trail” beside Alpine within the cityjurisdiction is also not ADA compliant because of the slopes and corners.  Cyclists race down this area causing dangerto pedestrians, mothers with strollers and dog walkers.·        Because there is no crosswalk at either  the Alpine intersection or across JuniperoSerra at that intersection, cyclists bound for Stanford Weekend Acres, PortolaValley etc. have the choice of either using the footpath or running acrossAlpine.  Neither is an acceptablesolution.·        Maintenance of the so-called “trail” ispathetic.  Apart from the obviousproblems caused by poor design (e.g. erosion, lack of storm water control,fissures in the surface, etc)  there is ageneral lack of maintenance.  Right nowsome weeds are 5-6 ft. high.  Green coneshave been placed alongside the steel barricade because of felled trees thathave been sitting there for weeks.BOTTOM LINE:The area to which Iam referring is used by hundreds of cyclists every day.  This is a totally different issue from theproblems in the county area of Santa Cruz and Alameda.  However, these problems are partiallyresponsible for those  problems.  The city has spent, and plans to spend,millions of dollars on road improvements in other areas of the city, but thissite is perhaps one of the  most heavilyused by cyclists in the city’s jurisdiction. The cycle problems are causing constant danger to pedestrians anddrivers and some resolutions is needed before the city has to contend with somelitigation resulting from its failure to address the patently dangerousconditions
Received on Sun May 27 2018 - 07:46:58 PDT

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